How Fluoropolymers Are Being Used in Cardiac Procedures

Your three main coronary arteries are responsible for bringing blood to the heart. When they start to become blocked, it can weaken the heart and eventually lead to a heart attack if the blockage isn't addressed and there isn't enough...

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Fluoropolymers and the future of bandages

NASA is working on a new type of bandage that can dramatically increase recovery time for those who are wounded. Most people know that blood flow is essential to the wound healing process. Heat is one way to increase the...

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How fluoropolymers enhance efficiency in the auto industry

In addition to the solar and aerospace industries, one of the biggest growth factors for the fluoropolymer market has been the automotive industry. This is so for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, there are the increasing environmental...

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PVDF’s Important Role in Food Processing Applications

Have you ever wondered how food is packaged and sealed once it has been grown and harvested? When we talk about food processing, we are talking about the cooking, mixing, packaging, and transportation of food and beverages. Given the amount...

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Why Are Wires Insulated with FEP Tubing?

All around us there are wires and cables that power our electronics, connect us to the internet, and more. In order to protect these wires and cables and prevent an adverse event, insulation is needed. But you might ask what...

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