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The advantages of ETFE tubing

ETFE has been called a material of the future, and for good reason. Technically known as ethylene tetrafluoroethlyhene, ETFE functions as one of the most advanced variations of fluoropolymer, and in turn, presents individuals who work with it a variety...

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How FEP tubing could be the solution for your next project

Fluoropolymer tubing stands out as one of the most versatile materials companies across industries leverage for various projects. Fluoropolymer's physical and chemical properties make it an ideal choice for projects with unique parameters, including projects in which materials are exposed...

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What is PFA tubing used for?

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) tubing is a type of fluoropolymer tubing that many industries make wide and diverse use of. We can think of PFA tubing as a combination fluoropolymer that combines the strengths of both PTFE and FEP tubing, allowing users...

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